Tour Dvele’s newest custom home: Tabernash, Colorado

September 28, 2019

New Custom Home in Tabernash, Colorado…

If you could build your custom dream home anywhere in the world, where would you build it?

For Jay Burgess and family, Tabernash, Colorado was the obvious choice. This Boulder-based family loves taking off to the mountains to cross country ski in the winter and to run, bike, and hike together in the warmer seasons.

And in choosing their ideal home model with Dvele, these outdoor enthusiasts wanted to take the outdoors in wherever possible. So they customized their home based on the Midgard model. The modern design with natural wood and metal elements connects the home to the pristine natural environment, creating a synergy between nature and modern living.

The exact positioning of the home’s dimensions were calculated by Dvele’s design team and master builder so that every large window and glass door lets in natural light and every room has a beautiful view.

Tabernash custom home
This Tabernash custom home overlooks The Continental Divide. Windows and doors are positioned to take in natural light and views of the surrounding Ponderosa Pine Forest.

Dvele’s Environmentally-friendly and Healthy Home

This environmental and health conscious family was conscientious of the home’s materials and features. While ventilation comes standard in every Dvele, this home has been upgraded to Zehnder, Novus, the best in the world’s market.

In choosing Dvele over other building options, health and energy conservation were high on the Burges’ list. Dvele utilizes materials with no added urea or formaldehyde and all materials are no or low VOC. Additionally, the on demand hot water system with dedicated recirculation not only provides instant hot water at every tap, but also yields great energy savings.

Jay states, “We are excited to see how little energy our home uses this winter – Winter Park area can get very cold in the winter – and hopefully in the near future we will be adding solar panels and batteries to sort of live off the grid.”

Why build a custom home with Dvele?

Jay Burgess
Owner Jay Burgess, enjoying a celebratory drink on the deck of his newly constructed Dvele home.

For Jay, it was the Colorado seasons. Because Dvele completes 90% of the build in factory, the build process isn’t forestalled by weather. Also for Jay was the eco and health considerations, as well as the modern design.

Jay says, “We had looked at a lot of modular home companies in our search and when I came across Dvele I fell in love with the unique style of the homes.”

Cheers to a beautiful home and many happy memories to be made in it.