Dvele IQ

The future of the home is a place where performance and technology define the new normal. It improves the health of the occupants while promoting a safe living environment. The app learns which tasks need to be automated and when home maintenance is needed–far ahead of time to prevent costly repairs. It’s how you will spend more quality time living in your home rather than running around to fix it.

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modern prefab home kitchen

A powerful home assistant

Dvele IQ makes your home proactive. It’s integrated throughout the structure–wall, floor, and ceiling cavities–and critical systems–air ventilation, heating and cooling, water filtration and electrical switches–to “future-proof” what you can control and what needs to be automated.

It's learning not spying


Million data points gathered monthly to monitor the home’s environment


Sensors embedded throughout the home checking the home’s health


Controllable integrated devices in each home

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It's always reliable

Dvele IQ is designed to be the one integrated software being used. No more fumbling to find your keys, turning around to turn off the lights or the stove, and tirelessly scrolling through several different apps.

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Prepared for when the power’s out

If the grid goes down or there is a localized power outage, the critical circuits within your home will automatically be brought online and backed up immediately. It ensures important functions–critical for health and safety–remain operating so you have normalcy in your everyday life. You will be notified of the power outage and advised only to use the necessary appliances and outlets. 

Humidity monitoring and automation

High humidity is the leading cause of mold, bacteria, and mildew growth in a home. It’s a big health issue, especially for people with asthma or mold allergies. So if the home’s relative humidity level is higher than 40%, Dvele IQ will investigate and alert the occupant of any potential humidity threat. It will also ventilate and circulate fresh air, removing any excess moisture that causes mold. By catching the issue early, we can preserve the home's integrity while maintaining a healthy living environment. 

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