Advanced manufacturing

Our Building Information Model (BIM2BOM) software transforms your home into a detailed manufacturing order ready for production. Each home is made with cutting-edge materials and processes that aren’t readily available to local builders. It's built to last with a precision-engineered steel frame resistant to mold, rot, and termites. And as a result, you get a home with less worry and less maintenance—now and in the future.

cactus in an arizona desert
modern prefab home kitchen

Ready for whatever mother nature is serving

We crafted every square foot using material science for unparalleled performance to build the ultimate climate-resilient home. Recycled light-gauge steel strikes the perfect balance of being resistant to mold, rot, insects, and fires. While the airtight and waterproof liquid membrane wrap the entire home in one continuous seal to reduce temperature change. And the double-layered insulation further prevents extreme climates from entering the home. You can take this home almost anywhere.

Pushing the limits


Weeks to factory-produce an entire home


Faster production than a traditional, stick-framed home


Less cost of ownership due to high-quality building materials and methods

Cheap isn’t the way

Every large company, educational institution, government, hospital, and growing community needs housing immediately, but “cheap” housing is not the solution. Building inexpensive homes will only result in expensive long-term costs. It keeps us in the same situation we’re currently in. New solutions are needed to change the housing crisis.

the living room inside a luxury modular home

Standardization is the elegant solution

Weather has become unpredictable, and it’s not the same climate we grew up with. The next several decades will bring cold temperatures to warm climates and excessive water to dry regions. Being ready–at home–for these weather variations is the safest way to protect yourself. Our homes are built for any climate using a standardized production system. They will shield you from Category-5 hurricanes, heat waves, freezing temperatures, and even earthquakes. When there are wildfires, the home will be safe. Embers cannot enter an attic–we use flat roofs–or enter the crawlspace–it’s internally ventilated–and the metal frame will not deform until temperatures are 700º C / 1292º F, making it a Class-A fire-rated home. Having one universal building code for residential homes will keep people safe.

Build it right the first time

The cost to society of poorly built homes affects healthcare expenses, energy loss expenses, and the need to rebuild homes 10-20 years from now due to outdated building practices. Whereas with Dvele, our mass production of high-performance homes is a scalable solution to the housing shortage and climate change. Because our homes are built to last 100 years, they require far less money and materials to maintain them. Unlike the significant amount of time, money, and materials needed to repair or rebuild low-quality homes. With each home produced, we innovate our process and continue to get closer to our goal of building one home per day or about 2000 modules per year per factory.

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