Factory-produced homes for the climate era


More energy efficient than conventional construction


Less cost of ownership over the 100‑year lifespan of the home


Weeks to produce an entire home in the factory

Today, housing affordability and climate change are two of society’s greatest challenges. Solving them will require brave leaders and a collective effort focused on health.

modern kitchen in a luxury mobile home

With our end-to-end platform, we’re reducing our impact on the planet by producing sustainable homes. This one change can improve our health and create energy independence. It will lower our burden on the healthcare system, decrease the cost of housing, and see our homes thrive in climate emergencies.

It’s possible to change
How we’re doing it
modern manufactured home with solar panels on the roof

Self-Powered home

Protect your home from power outages and broken grids with energy independence. Your house will be able to produce its own clean energy, store it in batteries, and have the ability to create a microgrid – a distributed power generating and storage system. It’s a simple, disaster-proof solution.

air system in a modern prefab home

Health‑centric design

Who’s paying the medical bill for the health conditions attributed to the average American "sick" home? A home is where we spend most of our time, it must be one of the healthiest places we live. Sustainable materials, air and water filtration, continuous air circulation, and soundproofing are the path to well-being. Something all Dvele homes come standard with.

prefab homes being manufactured

Advanced manufacturing

It reduces costs and creates a predictable timeline by increasing quality and precision during the production process. We leverage economies of scale to purchase and install advanced materials and features too costly to include in the average family home.

living room in a texas modern modular home

Environmentally responsible

Each Dvele home is built to last 100 years, significantly reducing the environmental impact. Using high-quality materials and product design-based science, your home will require less maintenance, won't begin to rot in a matter of years, and will consume a fraction of the energy a typical home uses each year – for the lifetime of the home.

prefab modern home with ocean view

Dvele IQ

The only home operating system you need. The Dvele IQ app will improve your living experience by caring for you. It monitors the home’s systems to protect your health, safety, and security. Over time, the software will learn how to improve your daily routines – almost serendipitously.

Buying a home can be simple

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