A predictable way to build

Get a repeatable process for high-performance, prefabricated homes at scale. We standardized assemblies, materials, and designs to reliably produce world-class quality homes in less than 16 weeks. Use Dvele to build Mini, Single-family, or Multifamily homes for your next project.

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Dvele's modern modular row homes. Two or more homes in row for developments.
modern prefab home kitchen

Beneath the surface

The most climate-resilient home pushes the limits of Passive House Standards. Robotic automation increases the precision and speed of production. Building science ensures each home is created for durability and to improve the health of the occupants. And an intelligent home operating system connects it all.

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Protect your investment

Like you, we understand the importance of investing in a development with a clear path to profitability. With Dvele, we’ve removed most of the uncertainty by turning the home into a repeatable product. It’s a proven method to deliver homes on time and on budget.

Whether you need vacation rentals, attainable housing, or high-end residences, Dvele can help your project come to life.

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A modern prefab tiny home for residential or hospitality projects.

A closer look

Measurable impact


Times more energy efficient than traditional homes


Year lifespan–minimum–based on engineering specifications


Percent less cost of ownership over the home's lifetime


Weeks – the amount of time to produce a ready-to-ship home.

A luxury prefab modular home for residential development..

Looking for leaders

Dvele solves the housing and climate crises simultaneously. But we need your help. Are you a developer, landowner, or institution who wants to create the type of homes people need?

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Decades of experience
 Kurt Goodjohn, CEO and Co-founder of Dvele.

Kurt Goodjohn

CEO & Co-founder

Over 15 years of related experience, including founding Karoleena Prefab.

 Kris Goodjohn, President and Co-founder of Dvele.

Kris Goodjohn

President & Co-founder

Over 15 years of related experience, including founding Karoleena Prefab.

Brandon Weiss, CIO and Co-founder of Dvele.

Brandon Weiss

CIO & Co-founder

A recognized leader in high performance, healthy-home science and technology.

Henry Ewert, CFO at Dvele.

Henry Ewert


Proven track record of success at Hallmark Tubulars, Bank of Montreal, & Standen’s Limited.

Tim Clements, VP of Operations at Dvele.

Timothy Clements

VP of Operations

20+ years of experience spanning broad range of construction methodologies and assembly management.

Stace McGee, VP of Design & Development at Dvele.

Stace McGee

VP of Architecture

30+ years of experience in sustainable architecture and development. Pioneered LEED® standards in the U.S.

Prefab modular row homes. Built for developers.

It's learning, not spying

A high-performance home needs an intelligent system running it. Behind the scenes, Dvele IQ™ is monitoring the home’s health, acting as an automated assistant–ensuring the occupants are in a safe environment. Dvele IQ analyzes the humidity in the walls, searching for signs of mold. It circulates fresh air into each room and will notify you before maintenance is needed. It gives you more time in your home, not taking care of it.

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Power to
the people

In this climate era, people must be ready to weather any storm. With Dvele’s
Self-Powered™ system, electricity will continue to power the house during climate emergencies. This same technology provides energy security for the neighborhood, sending power locally to homes without electricity. These communities become a Virtual Power Plant. It’s decentralized, clean energy production without all the messy transmission lines.

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