Brandon weiss joins dvele

March 16, 2018

Dvele is excited to announce that Brandon Weiss is our new Chief Innovation Officer!

Weiss brings to the role more than 15 years in performance-focused homebuilding. His approach to designing, building, and measuring the performance of homes has been applied to Dvele’s integrated platform under his leadership.

As the Chief Innovation Officer, Weiss is responsible for the technical strategy behind Dvele’s high-performance, ultra efficient, luxury homes.

Of Dvele, Weiss says: “Dvele is the perfect opportunity to invent, explore, and reimagine the way people live in homes. For the first time, we’re seeing factory-built homes that have the potential to make a bigger impact on the housing industry and on our population than any other product this industry has seen before. Our clients enjoy beautiful, healthy, sustainable, efficient homes.”

Our CEO, Kurt says, “We are thrilled to have Brandon on the team. He is an industry leader and expert dedicated to creating the most cutting-edge, healthy, and environmentally friendly homes.”

We at Dvele look forward to working with Brandon Weiss to continue to deliver our ultra-efficient, healthy, modern homes!

To learn more about Brandon and his role with Dvele, click here.