Environmental Impact

As a home manufacturer, we know how our products impact the ecosystem. We choose low-emitting, environmentally conscious materials with product transparency declarations and health certificates to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible.

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We are the gold standard of high-performance homes

To heal the planet, we’re changing the entire residential industry by preventing millions of tons of chemicals from entering the atmosphere. We use recycled light-gauge steel framing, robotic automation for efficiency, and a double-insulated building envelope for net zero-ready homes. Plus, Dvele’s team of experts produces many of the home's components in-house, giving us full control of the production process.

Dvele’s impact per home over a 100-year lifespan


Million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) avoided in the atmosphere


Thousand pounds of nitric oxide (NOx) avoided in the atmosphere


Thousand pounds of sulfuric acid (SOx) avoided in the atmosphere


Faster construction time compared to local construction

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The true cost

Environmental health is human health. Living in a home with environmentally-friendly building materials isn’t much to ask for – recycled or sustainably sourced, no VOCs, and no off‑gassing.

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Driving down consumption

To achieve an extremely high level of reduction of chemicals in the atmosphere, we use a custom‑designed building envelope to prevent thermal bridgingheating and cooling gain/losswith a Self-Powered™ systemclean energy production and storageand continuous air circulation resulting in less heating and cooling leading to a home 84 percent more energy efficient than a conventional home. This gives you a powerful new way to make a change in the environment.

The data tells a clear story

42% of global emissions directly result from the home construction industry. Everything from where products are made to how they’re manufactured, the lengths contractors drive to each site, and the systems we use to operate the house contribute to climate change. The good news is Dvele has a solution, utilizing a disruptive manufacturing process. Our homes are manufactured with a standardized design system targeted at drastically lowering the carbon impact on the environment.

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