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Californian prefab modular homes in the evening

High performance healthy homes

Using advanced materials and state‑of‑the‑art manufacturing, we produce energy efficient, climate resilient homes.

The problem

We’re facing multiple crises in housing availability and affordability, energy security, health issues, and a changing weather system. With Dvele, we sit at the intersection with our mass-produced, high-performance, health-centric homes. And they’re improving the future for everyone.

Let’s build the future
Better and together
luxury manufactured dvele home

Homes to protect you and the planet. With solutions rooted in science.

We must stop accepting homes that make us sick, destroy our environment, and weaken our access to energy. It turns out when you produce a home focused on health and longevity, you get a beautiful space that improves your daily life, creates energy security, and reduces your impact on the planet.

Our Process

Buying a home doesn’t need to be a thousand tiny decisions. We’ve simplified the process with a home that has climate‑resilient and low‑maintenance features you want and many features you didn’t even know you needed.

prefab home luxury kitchen
Choose your floorplan

Each home is modern-inspired, with clean lines and timeless layouts. Find the one that fits your lifestyle.

Pick the design

The design team bundled the exterior and interior finishes and fixtures for you. Giving you simple upgrade choices without all of the stress.

Live in comfort

Get back quality time. You’ll have a remarkable home where you spend less time fixing and more time enjoying.

It’s effortless
modular home luxury kitchen
prefab home in the mountains of Colorado
modern office space in a prefab house

Energy independence

In the event of a grid power outage, critical systems will stay on. Giving your home a sense of normalcy. We call this the Self-Powered home. One that can produce clean, renewable energy from solar panels, store it in batteries, and use it efficiently throughout the house.

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Built for a lifetime

Your house should be one of the most exceptional products on the market. To do that, we use next-generation building science and materials, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques to give you a house not even custom home builders can rival.

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Peace of mind

Dvele IQ is your home’s operation system. It’s learning, not spying. Collecting over 4 million data points each month to monitor your home’s health–air and water quality, humidity, energy usage and VOC levels–and in turn protecting your heath.

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Over 270 modules delivered