The best prefabricated homes in California

July 22, 2020

Is It Time to Buy a New Home?

If you’re on the hunt for your next home, it's time to think about the level of efficiency, durability, and beauty you want in your new home. Does it need to come solar-ready? Able to withstand earthquakes? Should the elegance of its design complement—even enhance—the sustainability of its construction? If these qualities are important to you, then a modern prefabricated home from Dvele is the house to come home to.

Dvele efficiently produces safe, healthy-promoting, high-end modular homes right here in California. Produced on location in our quality controlled environment, every prefab home from Dvele is designed and built with our California clients' values—and the earth's well-being—in mind. We complete construction on time and within budget without sacrificing our high standards of beauty, too. So, there is no time like the present to start living in the home of your dreams: a California prefabricated home from Dvele.

Break Tradition with Prefabricated Homes in California

Traditional builds can take a long time to build, go over budget, and create unnecessary waste. However, the streamlined process of producing a prefabricated home solves these problems. Since modular floor plans share features and require the same or similar materials, production happens quickly and any excess can be reused. modular homes are built in quality controlled environments to ensure the integrity of the home and to provide for longevity that is designed to last for generations. That means neither sweltering summer heat nor California's torrential winter rains will affect the construction of your new home.

The whole process of building a modular home is more efficient. Since one team oversees the build, the need to hire subcontractors becomes obsolete. That saves you even more time and money. It also allows energy efficiency, health and safety, and style to become top priorities—as they are with Dvele.

Why California Chooses Dvele's Modern Prefab Homes

The Dvele team has decades of experience designing and producing prefabricated homes in California. This has allowed us to perfect our craft and put the client experience first. Here's what you can expect when you choose Dvele to manufacture your California prefab home:

  • Concurrent Production. The home is built, the foundation poured, and permitting obtained concurrently. This creates dependable timelines and shorter-than-average builds. In California, modular homes manufactured by Dvele are often move-in ready in six months or less.
  • High-End Energy Efficiency. Every Dvele home is built to Passive House Standards and comes solar-ready. This lowers the amount of energy required to heat and cool the home. It also reduces the strain placed on our planet's limited resources.
  • Proactive Home Automation. Dvele's integrated home technology is predictive, not reactive. It learns and anticipates your preferences while also monitoring the health of the home's systems. Acting as a kind of "check engine light," the home lets you know when something needs to be fixed. A house that communicates is a house that lasts.
  • Sustainable Materials. Dvele homes are produced from responsibly sourced, recycled, and reclaimed materials. Maximizing the use of sustainably sourced materials minimizes our footprint—and, ultimately, yours. That means you get an eco-friendly home you can feel proud to live in.
  • A Safe, Healthy House. Dvele's prefab homes in California are seismically resilient. They're produced without toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, too. The electric, combustion-free ranges have zero risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our fresh air ventilation system helps you breathe easy, and our floor-to-ceiling glass walls give you plenty of access to natural light.
  • Full Transparency. When a company provides transparency on their products and services, you can feel confident that they're working to earn your trust. At Dvele, offering full transparency to our clients is part of our policy. Asking it of our vendors is our standard operating procedure, too.
  • Low Stress. We provide a full-service experience from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. Our goal is to take you from "hello" to "welcome home" in a quick, stress-free way.
  • A Home that is Yours. Our prefabricated homes in California are semi-customizable. We take care of the hard stuff, like where the mechanical room should be, and let you pick the fun stuff, like the color palette for the rooms.

Built for the Future. Dvele consistently builds to standards that are higher than local code requirements. Our prefabricated homes come ready for upgrades and add-ons, too. This means your home won’t become obsolete—and that it could be one of the best investments you ever make.

Live in a Modern Modular Home from Dvele

California-based Dvele breathes life into the way Californians live. Designed and produced to surpass the highest of industry standards, we're helping home buyers raise their expectations of what to expect of any house—not just a prefabricated home. In the process, we're working to keep the planet safe, healthy, and beautiful by ensuring that our homes and our company culture exemplify each of these values. So, if the time has come for you to buy a new home, it's time to dream big with a prefabricated California home from Dvele.