The human body is an incredible machine capable of healing itself. Yet, in the typical, everyday living environment, our bodies are being attacked by our homes from outdated building practices and low-quality building materials aimed at making homes “cheaper.” Dvele’s Self-Healing home contributes to your overall health and wellness because we have innovated the home as a product. We are self-healing beings. Our homes should be too.

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modern prefab home kitchen

How your home is configured directly impacts your health

Most people don’t realize the magnitude of a home’s contribution as a positive influence on our daily lives. And while people invest in their personal future in many ways, few investments pay off more than a healthy lifestyle promoted by a healthy home. 

From the quality of the air we breathe to the water we drink, cook, and bathe with, we’ve used our background as building scientists to design a home with systems we can rely on to provide a positively healthier living experience.


Effective at capturing airborne particles–dust, pollen, and mold spores–between 3-10 microns


Effective at capturing airborne particles–CO2, NOx, SOx, and metals–between 3‑10 microns


Of viruses and bacteria killed in water with in-line UV (ultraviolet light) filtration


Sensors embedded in the entire home to constantly monitor air quality, humidity, and ventilation

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Above and beyond

A health-promoting home is crucial to your mental and physical well-being. But what about your connection to the outdoors? Our homes are designed to make it easier to see nature, use the sun’s natural light to illuminate your home, and step outside to enjoy the weather. This is what’s called a biophilic design.

the living room inside a luxury modular home

A modern approach to clean living

Burning gas will never be good for our health. We removed unsafe, dirty systems from your home by replacing three of the most common gas-powered appliances–the furnace, stove, and dryer–with high-performance electrical appliances. The furnace and dryer generate heat from a time-tested heat pump system. The stove relies on magnetic induction technology to quickly and efficiently cook food. And because all the critical appliances run on electricity, they will be Self-Powered™ during brown or blackouts.

Innovation taken to new lengths

We only use products and building systems that help you stay healthy and safe. The Self-Healing home has raised the standards for what a new home should be capable of. It has material declarations and transparency certificates for all materials used throughout the home. They included GreenGuard and Cradle to Cradle Certificates and items not listed on the Red List of toxic materials. The entire home is produced to a high degree of quality so that no moisture builds up–moisture is the home’s greatest enemy.

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