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Our mission

To create a healthy living environment, heal the planet, and decrease the cost of homeownership with mass production under strict quality control.

The way we have evolved the home and how they are produced is having a radical, positive effect on our planet and economy.

— Kurt Goodjohn, Co-founder & CEO
people around a fire on the balcony of a modern mobile home
inside a modern prefab home with mountain view
assembly of a luxury manufactured prefab home
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Dvele was created to reimagine what it means to live in a healthy environment. From the foundation the modules rest on to how we breathe clean air and produce and share energy, we’ve re-engineered every element of the home. Our process is a seamless way to live in a healthy home. Through an additive process, our homes are made with state-of-the-art production technology using an end-to-end platform to deliver high-quality, ultra-efficient products. — Your home is something you no longer have to worry about.

inside a modern prefab home

Your well-being matters

Dvele’s logo is the alchemical symbol for Earth. And no, alchemists were not con artists. They were the predecessors of modern science and chemistry. Some of the earliest innovators and curious minds searching for what we call technology – applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes. By this definition, Dvele is in the science of homes, living well, and being energy independent. We combine building material science and technology to solve real problems in the housing industry and the environment. Homes can be more affordable, less wasteful, and sustain themselves for a hundred years.

A little bit
about us

Dvele •/də’vell/, meaning ‘dwell’ in Norwegian, was founded in 2018 with the idea that "home" is the nucleus of a well-functioning society; by creating better homes, we can create a better future for our children. Our founders have Scandinavian heritage, so they chose to honor their roots by continuing to evolve how homes play a role in our lives. Their ancestors knew we improve our health by being closer to nature. Additionally, Scandinavian countries have been producing some of the most eye-catching, sustainable, prefabricated homes worldwide. So, to continue this philosophy of practicality and quality, our founders created Dvele to be at the intersection of health for all people and the planet.

We do things a bit different

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