We’re using an outdated electrical distribution system. Nearly 66 percent of electricity generated is lost in transmission and never properly used. Not to mention, most of our energy is created from sources killing the environment. With Dvele, your home is powered by clean energy produced from solar panels and has the ability to store extra energy in batteries. This Self-Powered home protects you during severe climate emergencies and brown or blackouts.

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Power to the people, by the people

For too long, we’ve relied on obsolete technology to supply our homes with electricity. In today’s modern world, we need more reliable, safer access to electricity than ever before. A decentralized energy production system is needed, and Dvele has it. Each home that leaves the factory has the ability to create more electricity than the average family (4 people) needs each month. The home is also engineered to share clean energy with your neighbors – creating a microgrid. This fundamentally changes how we consume, store, and distribute electricity.

Pushing the limits


More energy efficient than a traditional, stick‑framed home


Better air-tight envelope. Significantly reducing the energy needed to heat or cool

Infinite days with energy when the battery is fully-charged, as long as the sun is out

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A resilient future

The interconnected problems of climate change driven by carbon emissions, the inefficient transmission of electricity by our power grids, the inefficient use of energy by our homes, and the danger of wildfires sparked by remote transmission lines are costing society too much. It’s time we protect our health and our bank accounts.

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A tight building envelope makes it all possible

Heating and cooling is the largest energy use in most homes, so naturally, it’s a great opportunity to improve energy efficiency. The underlying element to improve that efficiency is airflow. The best way to think about a building envelope is like a car blasting A/C while simultaneously driving with the windows down. If we keep the windows open, the inflow of hot air and the outflow of cool air means the car never reaches its ideal state, and worse, we overuse the A/C system. Requiring more maintenance and burning fuel. A home works the same way.

Keep the home running smoothly

In the event of a grid power outage, electrical circuits stay on to power functions critical to support a level of normalcy. The home's lungs, the ERV (energy recovery ventilator), will continue circulating fresh air. The fridge will indefinitely stay on to preserve food. Cooking will still be possible using the induction stove or cooktop and the oven. Internet connectivity will stay on as long as the local internet service provider’s substation is operational. And if a garage is installed, it will continue functioning, giving you access to your home.

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