Fire rebuild

February 27, 2018

The 2017 California wildfire season was the worst in history, as over 9,000 fires burned 1.2 million acres of land and destroyed over 10,800 structures, including thousands of homes.

In light of the recent demand for new homes to be built in place of those lost, some contractors are saying that they expect rebuilds to take three to five years, and plans and permit approvals are experiencing similar delays. Additionally, increased demand paired with a shortage of construction workers is resulting in higher prices and fewer options for homeowners looking to rebuild.

It’s daunting trying to find homebuilders in wildfire-affected areas that aren’t impaired by all of these crisis-induced issues. We understand how trying rebuilding your home might be, and we would like to relieve some stress while bypassing these overwhelming delays and costs to whatever extent we can.  

Dvele is offering a waived design fee, discounted pricing, and front-of-the-line service to anyone who would like a Dvele built on their property to replace a home lost to the fires. Additionally, if you would like somewhere to stay on your own property while the rebuild is in progress, Dvele will build a Mini on your property that can be utilized while rebuild efforts are in the works. These Minis can be converted to serve another purpose (pool house, guest suite, home office, home gym) after your Dvele is ready.

For more information on how you (or someone you know) can work with Dvele to replace a home lost in the wildfires, click here.