Dvele & blu homes are teaming up

June 1, 2020

Last week we announced some exciting news, Dvele and Blu are joining forces.

Two of the most impactful companies in next-generation housing are teaming up to deliver healthy, efficient beautiful homes. In the midst of unprecedented and uncertain times, it may seem an odd time for an acquisition, but, if anything these times have cemented our resolve to bring healthier living to more people.  This merger allows us to do exactly that.

At Dvele we’ve been fans of Blu for years, they were the first company to build high-end modular homes at scale. They have spent over a decade revolutionizing the construction industry, building beautiful prefabricated homes across the US, with their award-winning Breezehouse™ at the forefront.

Dvele and Blu Homes share a common underlying belief of being more than just a home builder. Rather, we both strive to integrate the most desirable technology and materials to enlighten the experience of a home. This addition to Dvele allows our team to continue to work towards our goal of transforming the home building industry to a healthier and more sophisticated option.

Dvele's Capilano model in California

Dvele has spent the last 3 years re-inventing what healthy, sustainable, and efficient living means.  We’ve launched our Self-Powered homes and built technology platforms to ensure our owners enjoy health benefits that are designed to last for generations..  We’ve been busy re-inventing the “product” of housing.

With Blu, we will continue to deliver on our vision; beautiful, healthy homes as an industry leader and continual advocates for our owners and our planet’s collective health.  

What does this mean for our prospective owners?

More choices with “Dvele Inside”, we’re excited to continue offering all of Blu’s designs with a few tweaks to bring Dvele’s intelligence, health and efficiency inside.  

Will Blu continue on as a brand?

Absolutely, what the Blu team has built is incredible.  Dvele will be continuing the Blu brand and delivering all the value a Blu home brings; stunningly modern, health-promoting, and efficient home.

How will Blu’s products benefit from Dvele?

Blu has redefined what it means to produce a modernly aesthetic home. At Dvele, we are unlocking the door to human performance by engineering smart home technology which is designed to provide numerous health benefits to the occupants of the home. By combining Blu’s award-winning designs and Dvele’s industry-leading smart home technology, we believe Blu’s homes just became a whole lot more valuable.

Will any of Dvele’s products or designs change as a result of this partnership?

Currently, we intend to maintain and enhance the Dvele brand by preserving the designs we have already implemented. However, we will use Blu’s award-winning designs as a strong source of motivation for the fascinating things to come.