Rebuild Stronger

If you were affected by the California wildfires, we are so sorry for your loss.

We're With You Every Step

We are your neighbors, we live in your community and we have friends and family who were displaced by the fires as well. We understand the devastation. We want to help.

  • Waived Design Fee

    Waived Design Fee

  • Discounted Pricing

    Discounted Pricing

  • Front-of-the Line Service

    Front-of-the Line Service

What Can We Do?

  • Build a Mini on your property while you’re having your home rebuilt.

    You can live comfortably on your land, in your own space, while your home is being worked on.

  • Live in a Mini while we rebuild your home. Convert the Mini later.

    You can convert your mini into a pool house, home office, home gym, or guest suite when you’re ready to move in.

  • Rebuild your home with Dvele.

    If you see a model you like, we’ll get right to work getting your home ready for you as quickly and as painlessly as humanly possible.

Rebuild Stronger with Dvele

Our Homes are Environmentally Friendly

Our homes are energy-efficient, with lung-friendly air ventilation and materials. Our homes conserve water. We live and breathe sustainability and your home will too.

We Offer a Seamless, End-to-End Process

You’ll be spared the headache of aggregating contractors, permitting, appliance purchases and installs, etc. Just pick your home design and we’ll get it move-in ready.

Quickest Route to a Quality Home

Our design-to-factory process is complete in 6 weeks or less for the most energy-efficient, high-tech, and quality controlled home you can buy.

Beautiful, High-End Design

Our open floor plans and designs have incredible attention to detail, luxury finishes, for an intelligently planned, high-end experience.


Our walls are quality, wind, and force-tested to ensure that they’re as safe as possible. Our materials are rigorously tested. And our homes come with a lifetime guarantee.


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