Rebuild Better, Stronger, Faster

Easy design, fast permitting, quality build, and seamless move-in

Rebuild your home within 6 months

Our Fire Assistance Program includes Waved Design Fee with home purchase,
best pricing guarantee, and front-of-the-line service.

  • Design Fee Credited Towards Purchase

    Design Fee Credited Towards Purchase

  • Best Pricing Guarantee

    Best Pricing Guarantee

  • Front-of-the Line Service

    Front-of-the Line Service

Build with Dvele

  • Built in 6 Months, Start to Finish

    • Dvele gets homeowners back in their homes as quickly as possible.
    • We employ a full team of skilled workers at our facility, ensuring no labor shortages or time delays.
    • Our building process removes the “red tape” in permitting – 90% of inspections become unnecessary.
  • Best Quality, Highest Standards

    • Our high-quality homes exceed industry standards.
    • Dvele homes are built with high-end finishes, using modern materials that are safer, cleaner, and sustainably produced.

Rebuild Stronger with Dvele

Dvele Homes are Luxury Homes

Dvele homes include luxury finishes - chrome plumbing fixtures by Grohe, custom millwork, plank wood flooring, customized lighting for each room - for an intelligently planned, high-end living experience.

Dvele homes are Eco-Conscious Homes

Dvele homes are designed to Passive House design standards. Our building design allows Dvele homes to use 65%-75% less energy than a standard home. For every home that is built, 10,000 trees are planted.

Dvele Homes are Healthy Homes

We build our homes with high-end finishes using modern materials that are safer, cleaner, and sustainably produced.

Dvele Offers the Fastest Rebuild

Our homes are completed in a matters of weeks, not months or years. Dvele completes 90% of the build off site. Factory build and onsite build happen concurrently, saving time and money.

Beautiful, High-End Design

Dvele homes feature open floor plans. Expansive windows and doors make the exterior views become a part of the interior living experience.


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