How to create timeless modern home design

November 7, 2018

Avoid “trendy” home design looks that will eventually become dated. Instead opt for luxury, high-end modern home designs and furnishings that are beautiful and durable to create a timeless look.

We’ve all had the experience of walking into a dated home to see a circa 1970’s avocado green refrigerator and have had horrific experience of being overpowered by busy wallpaper which may have made sense in another era, another time.

Homeowners know that buying a home that is more than a decade old requires expensive renovations: knocking out claustrophobic kitchen walls, gutting low-quality fixtures, ripping out dated carpets, and dealing with the unknown issues that arise when you start opening up walls.

Building methods and design trends change, but high quality features and considerations stand the test of time. A prime example is the midcentury modern design movement that originated in the 1930’s and is still relevant today. The principle of “form follows function” associated with this time period, and the modernist movement, is at the forefront of Dvele’s designs.

Office Life

Interior design trends typically last about a decade. Dvele’s design team thoughtfully avoids finishes and fixtures that are overly trendy in an effort to create luxury homes that withstand the past decades’ most common design trends .

The windows, flooring, plumbing fixtures, and millwork in a Dvele home serve as a beautiful backdrop for design trends. These trends can be showcased through less permanent accent pieces such as artwork, throw pillows, rugs, small furniture, and accessories. These items can be easily switched out frequently without enduring a renovation and substantial cost.

Dvele’s design team, headed by company co-founder Kris Goodjohn, sources products tirelessly to find the best of the best. Every item in the home has been carefully thought through from the flooring to the hinges on the door. Product Development and Design Lead, Amy Armstrong, and Interior and Furniture Designer, Vanessa Young, bring their years of experience and passion for quality design and innovative building techniques to Dvele.

Timeless Modern Home Design: Doors and Windows

Higher door frames and windows create a sense of a larger room, and a larger home, overall.  Dvele’s interior doors, exterior doors and windows stand at a height of 8 ft.

Interior Doors

“The seamless sight line between interior and exterior provide a sense of continuity in the home,” says Amy.

“If you were to walk into a stick built spec home, you would likely see standard 6’-8” interior doors, and stock windows which are placed throughout the home based on size limitations; at Dvele, the overall design dictates the window sizes with emphasis based on views and natural light.”

Exterior Doors

Dvele designs create seamless living between exterior and interior spaces. Beautiful outdoor vistas are framed by wide windows and doors. The wide doors make the exterior views become a part of the interior living experience.

A favorite feature of the design team is the Zola “lift and slide” doors.

Sunset Rooftop Deck

These expansive doors are incredibly easy to open. Just at the name indicates, you lift the latch, touch the door to open it, and it slides, feeling as though it’s “sliding through butter” or gliding through air. The ease of the lift and slide doors is created by superior engineering of the hardware which allows for larger spans of glass that offer more expansive, unobstructed views than a standard sliding door. Lift and slide doors are offered in Dvele homes as an upgrade.

Timeless Modern Home Design: Floors

Dvele homes come with a 8 ½ wide plank as standard, but homeowners can upgrade to the 12” wide Chalentino line.

Boen Floors

“Having 12” wide planks throughout the home creates a huge impact. This is one way our Dvele homes make a statement without following trends.” Amy also notes that, “12” wide hardwood planks are extremely rare as an upgrade option for a home builder.”

Boen hardwood is featured  throughout Dvele homes, with the exception of tiled flooring in the bathroom and laundry.


Custom millwork adds a modern, luxurious and customizable feature to the home.


Custom millwork is included in Dvele homes in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and bedroom wardrobes. Upgrades include custom beds, office desks, media and storage units. Additional features can be added to all of Dvele’s standard millwork offerings.

All countertop surfaces are engineered stone chosen for its strength, durability, and consistency. An important design element is the seamless countertop to backsplash transition. As opposed to trendy mosaic tile backsplashes, engineered stone is easy to clean and won’t date like ornate tile would.

Plumbing fixtures

As a standard, Dvele has selected beautiful European plumbing fixtures offered by Grohe. Chrome finishes are stylish, simple, and easy to clean.

Blu Bathworks

Dvele’s design team is obsessed with upgrade option Blu Bathworks.  These 100% solid stainless steel fixtures are a design statement in their own right. It is also considered an eco-friendly product because stainless steel is better for than the environment than chrome products.

Timeless Modern Home Design: Lighting

High-end, well-placed lighting is essential for any living space and should be customized for each room.


“We consider the way a client will live and use the space while we are designing the lighting plans. In addition to the overall ambient lighting, we have sourced accent and task lighting for frequently overlooked areas such as staircases, shelving, and the underside of upper cabinetry,” Vanessa says.

WAC supplies most of these LED fixtures throughout the home. The client has the ability to choose from pre-selected statement pieces for kitchen and dining spaces.

Modern Window Coverings


Even those who want to show off their beautiful homes want some level of privacy. Dvele offers window covering a la carte that are also customized for each floor plan and blends with the home’s chosen palette.  

To see Dvele’s timeless modern home design, download the LookBook.