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Who is Dvele?

Dvele was created out of necessity and a vision for something better.

In the past 100 years the standard in the home building industry has stayed static. Yet the world has been changing. Energy needs have been  changing. People are becoming more cognizant of resources and waste. But most builders are stuck in the same old models and building like they have always built before.

Dvele was formed by a melding of minds.  A collaboration of knowledge, values, and talent. Top-level industry experts have come together to innovate and totally disrupt the home-building industry to create the smartest, healthiest, most sustainable homes on the market. And we build our homes to the highest standards and complete them in the fastest time.

Dvele is committed to lead the industry in an evolution. To not just change how homes are built but to change how people live.

Meet the Dvelees

We are entrepreneurs, architects, dreamers, robotics engineers, athletes, and artists

Ian Garrity
Amy Armstrong
Vanessa Young
Barbara Blake
Kurt Goodjohn

Kurt Goodjohn

- Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Goodjohn is cofounder and CEO of Dvele.

Kurt and his brother Kris previously co-founded Karoleena, Canada’s preeminent and most well-known designer prefab home companies, which was acquired in 2016. They co-founded Dvele in December of 2016.

A recognized leader in the prefab industry, Kurt has been featured in The National Post, Avenue Magazine, Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, CBC and dozens of other publications.

Because the most valuable learning comes from difficult times, Kurt’s personal motto is, “Never give up.” As an innovator and visionary, Kurt notes, “I want to leave the world better off than I found it.”

Kurt has a BS in Computer Engineering from Union College where he played Division I Hockey.

Kurt raises his three young children alongside his wife, a fellow entrepreneur.

Greg Welch

Greg Welch

- President & CRO

Greg Welch is president and CRO of Dvele.

He has spent 25 years in business launching ten startups (with five exits). Dvele is his eleventh.

Welch’s expertise is in identifying and growing revenue in evolving markets, and with Dvele he is leading his team in reimagining, crafting and evolving the home industry of the future.

Big picture thinker and market disruptor, Welch drives his team in both detailed steps and progressive leaps.

He is a dynamic, highly accomplished leader and dealmaker, specializing in launching multi-million dollar startups, new business development, sales, marketing, team building, strategic analysis and planning, budget control, forecasting, and mergers and acquisitions.

Welch has founded and/or served at the senior executive level at Allnet, acquired by Frontier; General System Solutions, acquired by General Electric; Americom, acquired by Fox Communications; GlobalTouch Telecom, acquired by Earthlink; as well as QTelecom, Siriusm Xcast Labs, Sandler Partners, Cenoplex, Capital Factory, DGT Labs, SquishClip, and Dvele.

In his spare time he enjoys water and snow skiing. He is a wine collector, foodie and cheese burger connoisseur.

Kris Goodjohn

Kris Goodjohn

- Founder, Chief Product Officer

Kris Goodjohn is cofounder and CPO of Dvele.

In 2005 Kris and his brother Kurt cofounded Karoleena, one of Canada’s first and now most well-known designer prefab home companies (which became acquired by a publicly traded company). They co-founded Dvele in 2016.

Kris’s professional contributions as an entrepreneur have been noted in several publications and he received recognition as “Top 40 Under 40” in Calgary, Alberta.

In addition to prefab home building, Kris’ expertise in the field is in developing the overall look and design of our “Dvelings.”    

He has a BS from Union College where he played Division I Hockey. As a professional athlete he earned honors and accolades such as ECHL’s, “Sportsman of the Year.”

In his spare time Kris enjoys spending as much time as possible with his wife, Caroline, and three daughters, Karoleena, Graycie, and Payton.

Brandon Weiss

Brandon Weiss

- Chief Innovation Officer

Brandon Weiss is Dvele Master Builder and CIO.

As a third generation homebuilder, Weiss founded Weiss Building & Development in 2005 and rebranded to Evolutionary Home Builders in 2014, earning numerous certifications and accolades.

Weiss joined the Dvele team in 2018.

He was named Northern Illinois Builder of the Year in 2012, 2013 National Mater Certified Green Professional of the Year, and 2013 US Dept of Energy Grand Award for Housing Innovation. Earning building and design accolades year after year, Weiss most recently garnered US Green Building Council Outstanding Single Family Project of the Year in 2017.

Weiss is a pioneer in the “green building movement” and his expertise is in building high-quality, durable, efficient homes.

A certified master builder with numerous professional affiliations Weiss is also a PHIUS Certified Builder, Living Future Accredited, RESET ApP and LEED Accredited Professional who has spoken on panels about building energy, health & wellness in the built environment, and housing innovation.

He spends his spare time mountaineering, trekking, and dedicating his life to improving his own health and that of others.

Rob Engstrom

Rob Engstrom

- Vice President of Sales 

Rob Engstrom is Vice President of Sales at Dvele. A proven leader, Rob has 27 years of expertise in consultative sales, marketing and management in a variety of industries.  

Leading companies through critical start up periods, change management, rapid growth and stabilization periods, Rob creates acceleration points for success through new business development, revenue generation, and strategic planning.

Rob has performed exceptionally in notable global companies such as BCD Travel, Marriott, BMW and Equinox Fitness. He has also directed several startups, small to medium business ventures and successfully obtained multiple company IPOs.

An elite performance multi-sport athlete, Rob revels in great challenge and achievement, melding best practices with relentless pursuit.

Rob currently resides in Laguna Beach with his wife, Toni, and twin boys, Darius and Achilles.  The Engstroms are community pillars, supporting youth sports camps and area schools’ athletic programs with mentorship and a commitment to excellence.


Ian Garrity

Ian Garrity

- Director of Business Development

Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong

- Product Development & Design Lead

Vanessa Young

Vanessa Young

- Interior & Furniture Designer

Barbara Blake

Barbara Blake

- Controller

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