Eden projects: changing lives, offsetting carbon footprint

January 5, 2018

For us, driving global social and environmental change is not just an empty phrase. It’s woven into the fabric of what we do and right into the homes we build. Beyond the materials we choose and our commitment to efficiency in each phase of home building and ownership…we knew there was more we could do. Dvele’s CEO, Kurt Goodjohn, had the idea to go beyond the home from the moment Dvele was founded and you may have heard of one of the major ways in which we do this:

For every home we build, we will also help plant 10,000 trees.

Dvele has partnered with Eden Projects to help us achieve that goal in a way that was not only strategic for the environment, but good for communities that need it most. Eden Projects is an organization that understands that trees are vital to the health of our planet, not only in terms of clean air but also when it comes to poverty relief.

Deforestation in poverty-stricken countries has a hugely negative impact. But trees are cut down every minute for home building, cooking, firewood, and farming. Sadly, entire forests are destroyed in the process. Land becomes vulnerable to mudslides. Soil can go barren. Animal populations dwindle…and worse.

As a country’s natural environment is damaged, it’s becomes economy further strained. What Eden Projects is doing is restoring the environment tree by tree; creating jobs for communities, protection from erosion, and healthier air and soil.

“And as we lift the environment we also lift the people out of extreme poverty. We give them the chance to see their soil restored again, the water restored, the aquifers refilled, and the streams, and the rivers, and the springs beginning to flow again!”
— Steve Fitch, founder of Eden Reforestation projects.

We are so honored to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects and will be bringing you more information about our work together, and the difference we make with each home!

The first locations Dvele and Eden Projects will be planting in are Haiti and Madagascar.

Home by home and tree by tree, let’s change the world for the better.