Buying a home: low pressure, high impact

September 20, 2017

When your parents bought their first home, it was not with the swipe of a credit card or in some sleek storefront, leaning over a catalog where they could make the decision over a cup of coffee.

But the world is going the way of the “product.” Everything — including complex experiences and feelings — is talked about as being part of a “package” or a “product.” Except to the most cynical, this can be a good thing. It forces companies to think about what they offer from multiple angles, to organize and package their ideas, and to compete and improve. But products packaged to scale can be cheapened by the process of packaging itself, with the personal connection to the things they are building and to the people for whom they are building it traded for profit.

A Dvele can be planned, configured, and purchased in a few hours. From your phone. Does that seem a little scary? It shouldn’t.

Dvele Configured

What we’ve concluded about the home buying and building experience is that it can be “product-tized” for the better so long as we are incredibly respectful of what the purchase entails: a new chapter, a growing family…the beginning of something important. We’ve taken out the pressure that comes with the planning, building, and buying that was previously inherent with having a custom-built home by optimizing or entirely removing the parts that were wasteful. This was the result of our vision, but not the point of it.

Dvele eliminates the wastefulness in the homebuilding experience and puts joy in its place.

Now you don’t have to worry about when the contractors can start and whether or not you’ll be able to take off of work to make sure things go smoothly. You can now just consider what color your home office should be. Where you once had to worry about whether or not rain would delay your build process and expose your structure to water damage and mold, you can now worry if you’ll be ready to move in when the house is ready! Where you once had to worry about costs ballooning for reasons you couldn’t foresee (you’re not a homebuilder, afterall), you can now think about whether or not to upgrade your outdoor sound system with the extra you budgeted.

Buying a car can be a fairly immediate process. You sign the papers, get the keys, and the joy of driving what you chose is instantly yours. Now buying a home can be a bit like that too.