Dvele purchases hallmark-southwest, a 40 year running prefab home factory

February 28, 2018

Dvele is excited to announce our acquisition of the prefab home factory Hallmark-Southwest!

This California factory is backed by over 40 years of success in building over 11,000 energy-efficient, sustainable homes and will serve as our west coast building facility. It will be one of our innovation centers.

Of the acquisition, Dvele’s CEO, Kurt Goodjohn, says: “We are infinitely impressed with Hallmark’s commitment to quality, longstanding history, and loyalty to their employees, which we will continue. We are excited to build on what they worked so hard to create while taking the operation into the future with enhanced design, science, and technological focus.

With the acquisition of the factory, Dvele is also delighted to welcome Hallmark’s president, Luca Brammer, to the executive team as Chief Operating Officer. He will oversee Dvele’s expanding factory network and roll out modernization techniques to increase efficiency.

We at Dvele look forward to working with Hallmark-Southwest to continue to deliver our ultra energy-efficient, healthy, modern homes!

To learn more about Dvele’s acquisition of Hallmark-Southwest, click here.