Best modular home company | Why dvele's process is the best

February 18, 2020

When you choose to build your own home you do it for a reason. Perhaps you want a cozy, sustainable mountain cabin that has your favorite amenities? Or maybe you want a large family dream home that offers room to grow? No matter why you're in the market to design a new home, Dvele, America's premier high design modular home company, will exceed your expectations. At Dvele, we pride ourselves in challenging the current standards of living, while producing beautifully designed, stunningly modern, yet simplistic modular homes.

Dvele, the best modular home company on the market, can build homes that are intimate loft-style modules or spacious modern homes that last for generations. Our carefully thought out designs incorporate features like floor to ceiling windows, or systems such as whole house water filtration that support a healthy lifestyle. The experienced team of innovative and vision-centric engineers at Dvele design homes that are assembled using the industry’s strongest and highest quality materials so that your home doesn't pollute the environment which in turn makes your home significantly more efficient. Unlike all other conventional ways of building a home, our unique building process allows us to design, assemble, permit, and install your dream home within just seven months. Gone are the days of managing traditional building delays due to things like weather, and waiting years for the home you always wanted.


Building your dream home starts with customizing your Dvele home and downloading the personalized lookbook.  We offer a selection of standardized home plans that range from a single bedroom up to four-bedroom homes. Customization options are available, ensuring your modular home will match your style.

Because our experienced team takes everything into consideration when building the home you have always envisioned, our thoughtful design process takes about 30 days to ensure 100% accuracy in your final design. Once the design is prepared, your home is ready for assembly and house permitting, all while the foundation and site permitting are completed at the build location.

Dvele’s unique home assembly process prioritizes your vision of a dream home and reduces the hassle of designing and organizing the entire build process. Our experienced team will manage the entire process from “hello” to move-in.

By choosing Dvele, one of America's best modular home companies, we simplify the building process and destress your life by:

  • Handling every aspect of home production and contracting on your behalf
  • Making the permitting process a breeze
  • Scheduling and overseeing inspections
  • Implementing every aspect of your chosen floor plan and customization details
  • Delivering and installing your home on, or ahead, of schedule

When you choose Dvele, you’ll benefit from our highly sophisticated, yet simplistic home production process that has been perfected by the industry's most experienced innovators and designers.


Traditional, stick-built and other onsite home building techniques require an inspection every time a phase of the home-building process is complete. Every time there’s an inspection, work stops until a government-certified professional visits the site and signs off on the work. The workflow for onsite buildings reveals how such inspections can delay your progress and move-in date:

Traditional Home Building Process

However, Dvele's unique home production process is challenging the status quo by reducing these frustrating and time-consuming delays. We are able to expedite the entire process by intelligently designing a high-quality prefabricated home that is assembled in a climate-controlled factory while the foundation and utilities are concurrently managed at the final site location. This allows us to assemble a home that encompasses everything you wanted in a new home and seamlessly anchors to the foundation at your dream location. Here’s what our process looks like:

Dvele's Prefab Assembly Process

Dvele's process reduces the number of permits needed for work to begin and limits the number of required inspections, helping to ensure your timeline stays on track. This expedited process allows us to produce your home quickly, while still allowing inspectors access to the site location to ensure its integrity and safety. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to schedule inspections and the follow-up work that traditionally comes after a build. From inspiration to occupancy, Dvele’s home production process allows our team to quickly create a home in accordance with your specifications without compromising the quality of the home.

Dvele is leading the way in producing high-design, healthy, energy-efficient prefabricated homes. Start customizing your dream Dvele home today and begin unpacking in as soon as seven months. Contact us and learn more about our unique building process.