Homes have evolved

Modern modular homes are here to stay. They're a beautiful balance between precision engineering, human-centered design, and using new building science methods to produce homes with the least amount of carbon impact. If you want an effortless building experience, and an equally effortless living experience, Dvele homes are for you.

A modern modular home produced by Dvele
A modern modular home's great room

Small changes–Global Impact

Dvele integrates sustainable materials and production methods throughout the entire manufacturing process. Giving each home the unique ability to be 84% more energy efficient than traditional homes, and 20% more efficient than Passive House standards.

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A new standard in modular homes


Faster construction time compared to local construction


Modules produced to date with 200+ in the pipeline


Less cost of ownership over the 100-year lifetime of the home


Weeks to factory-produce an entire house

a modern modular home by Dvele

Blu Homes x Dvele

We've combined forces to amplify the positive impact modular homes makes on the planet. Modular homes produced in a factory are taking a new shape, one that takes advantage of modern building science, advanced engineering, and sustainable materials.

a living room of a luxury modular home in California

Timeless modern design

To produce a high-performance home with a style that blends with any environment, we combed over every element with painstaking attention to detail. The clean lines strike the perfect balance between function and durability. The pre-designed color palettes further simplify the production process, giving you a beautiful canvas to create a unique space for your furniture and décor. Our biophilic design philosophy–connecting the outdoors with the inside–focuses on enhancing your health through large, expansive windows that add natural light to every room. Improving your mood and concentration.

Modular is here to stay

Making progress as a home manufacturer requires an objective view of the state of building. And the current built environment is not meeting the standards of healthy living or the demand from consumers. With Dvele, we've standardized the modular manufacturing process to reduce the time it takes to produce a home, while simultaneously creating the healthiest home on the market. Modular home production combined with automated robots achieves precision and scale never seen before in the home building environment.

Designed for
healthy living