3 modern home architecture design features that improve your quality of life

January 16, 2020

Traditionally, the definition of “modern” when applied to architectural design centers on the concept that form follows function. Excessive ornamentation gives way to a minimalist approach, resulting in straight, clean lines inside and out. The use of exposed industrial materials, such as steel, brick, and reinforced concrete, are incorporated at least as much as, if not more than, conventional building materials like wood. And, large sections of glass are frequently employed to create expansive floor-to-ceiling windows feel less confining and add a healthy source of natural light.

The concept that form should follow function doesn't mean that what is primarily functional can't also be intensely beautiful—especially when it comes to architecture. In fact, the art of simplicity is, in itself, elegance embodied. The minimalist notion that less is more doesn't contradict that modern design elements can (and do) provide more of what’s needed to enjoy a sense of luxury. Quite the contrary. Many of today's modern home designs incorporate details that are not only uniquely utilitarian, but elegant in their execution. But what are the three fundamental aspects that define a modern home and enhance the modern home living experience?

Modern home architecture design can make for better quality of life.


Minimalist design is the ultimate embodiment of the old adage that “less is more.” It’s a design philosophy that believes in stripping away all ornate and extraneous details to reveal architecture’s true purpose. What remains is a focus on functional value and the quality of its execution.

Because of its extreme simplicity, minimalist design is timeless and never goes out of style. It doesn’t have trendy features that forever tie a design to a specific year or fad. The hallmarks of minimalist design are clean lines, a lack of clutter, and monochromatic or neutral colors. All the elements within a minimalist space must echo each other in terms of aesthetic motifs, such as shape, mass, lines, or colors. The end result is an environment that frees your lifestyle and your mind of clutter, allowing you to focus not solely on the space, but on what you do within the space.

Open floor plans create a luxurious feel.


In traditional architecture, each room is divided and sectioned off by walls or boundaries that limit the line of sight, making spaces feel compartmentalized. An open concept floor plan is the exact opposite. It’s a floor plan in which two or more rooms have been joined together by removing walls, columns, or other physical barriers to form a larger, unified space. This is usually a combination of the kitchen, dining, and living rooms, but many other variations are possible.

The result is a “great room” that creates unbroken, communal space. It allows family members to see each other and feel they are together, even when people are in different areas doing different things. Of course, not all rooms in an open floor plan house are open-concept; people still have private bathrooms, bedrooms, and offices. But an open floor plan can make even the smallest of homes feel larger. With spaciousness and an ability to bring families together, it’s no wonder open concept floor plans are heavily in demand these days.


Large windows offer a way to see and connect with the outdoors while remaining comfortably in the home. Large windows flood your space with natural light, which has many physical and mental health benefits. With large functional windows, higher volumes of fresh air can circulate more readily. And if they’re well-positioned and insulated, they allow sunlight to help heat a home in winter.

Large windows give us views of nature and the outdoors that can improve our mood and make us happier. Plus, they provide a natural backdrop for your home and further eliminate the need for decorating solid walls. Many homeowners these days are doing away with the dated look of small or overdressed windows in favor of large ones that allow the simplicity of the outdoors to be the window's main focus and the wall’s primary ornamentation.

You deserve the best modern designs available.


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