People expect high-end homes built on time and on budget.

New home construction can be a messy, time consuming process. Labor and material shortages, hassles with unreliable suppliers and contractors, changes to building codes, and constant communication with the home buyer can affect the process in countless ways and put unnecessary strain on you and your business.

Dvele streamlines every aspect of building a home without compromising quality. With Dvele you can cut build times in half and eliminate the hassles you constantly face with home building.

The homes you build with us are:

1/ Green:

To Passive House and Living Building standards with healthy materials.

2/ beautiful

Designed to impress. Every detail adds to the luxury experience of living in a Dvele home

3/ intelligent

Precision built with futuristic - not wasteful - home automation

How it works

What You Need To Know

Fully Managed
Build More Homes
Built for the Future
A Brand Your Clients Will Ask For

Fully Managed

Dvele will assume admin responsibilities for our Partners, so they can ensure the project executes successfully on site. We manage the design, contracts, billing, manufacturing and essentially all of the admin responsibilities. This allows our partners to focus on what they do best, executing on site and delivering the best quality of service.

Build More Homes

Dvele’s offsite manufacturing process can decrease the total project timeframe by up to half while simultaneously increasing the level of quality due to the controlled environment. This allows our partners to develop a more specialized team focused on foundations and modular completions. Bottom line: make more money with less hassle in half the time.

Built for the Future

The design and build of Dvele’s homes are some of the most forward-thinking and progressive in North America. Each Dvele home is built to Passive House standards with the latest cutting edge technology. Not only are our homes beautiful, they are also highly efficient.

A Brand Your Clients Will Ask For

Our national sales and marketing effort will be a serious advantage for boutique builders looking to grow and scale. With our unique education process onboarding with Dvele couldn’t be easier.

Partnering With Dvele

You Can Partner With Us In 3 WaysYou choose the level of partnership that works best.

  • If you are a small contracting group looking to grow and expand quickly, Dvele can help send you a steady stream of work in your region.
  • If you have capital to invest in a showhome, you can buy it, build it, resell it, recoup your investment (or live in it!), and repeat.
  • If you don't want to compete with other builders in the area to build Dvele homes, you can purchase your territory. 100% of build leads will come to you! Talk to us today for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

The top questions we hear about becoming a Dvele partner.

what makes Dvele different?

iDvele homes are different in all the ways that matter: they are beautiful, efficient and are built with ease in a fraction of the time it takes to build conventionally. This is the start of something big and getting involved now is crucial. Dvele homes are built effectively and efficiently with automation technology, they withstand environmental factors previously unheard of (earthquakes, water damage, age, etc.), they bring a highly coordinated, luxurious experience at a price point that is accessible for those seeking it, and they consider the environment as highly as they do the inhabitant. Dvele is how you bring homes into the digital age without sacrificing the warmth and comfort homeownership has given people for centuries.

How is Dvele a fully managed solution?

iStarting with a national sales and marketing program, Dvele has a team of professionals dedicated to creating leads, designing and manufacturing the highest quality homes, and also supporting our Regional Partners with all of their contractual and admin needs such as AP and AR. It allows our Partners to grow with us, manage more projects, and ultimately make money more efficiently.

What is Passive House and LEED?

iPassive House is a performance based, and a building science focused standard for energy efficiency in a building, which results in building envelopes that last over a century and reduce its ecological footprint. Passive Homes are ultra-low energy buildings that require little input for space heating or cooling. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program for green building. There are numerous levels of certification within this selective points based approach that recognize the main environmental impacts of the built environment in order to certify sustainable buildings as such.

How will Dvele help me with marketing leads?

iDvele has created a substantial marketing machine that generates thousands of inbound leads per month. These leads are vetted and continue through our sales funnel, ultimately going into contract. Before that, however, the appropriate local Regional Partner will become involved to complete estimating for site work and finalize design. Our Regional Partners are not required to be a part of the sales process with the end user if they choose not to.

Where are Dvele homes built?

iDvele’s flagship, 75,000 sq ft, manufacturing facility is just outside Los Angeles. Dvele also has manufacturing partnerships in locations in both the US and Canada.

What will be my focus?

iDvele will provide you with a steady stream of projects, including the design/build and delivery of each home, so you can focus on developing an ultra-efficient team for site related work such as, but not limited to, excavation, foundations, services, modular setup and completions. Clients also regularly want site-built garages and other ancillary buildings, landscaping, etc...

Who do I need on my team?

iYou’ll be part of the Dvele team, but you’ll need local contractors for earthwork, concrete, servicing, and also a crew for install once the home arrives. A typical project would require 3-4 carpenters/laborers, as well as specific trades for “stitching” (electrical, mechanical, drywall, painting, etc.)

How do I make money?

iWe want our Partners to be more successful with us than they would be otherwise on their own. Your scope in building the home is reduced, yet the number of projects you can manage can increase significantly. We require that our Partners are capable of managing several million dollars in projects per year to start. You’ll make 10-15% on all of the site costs, which equates to at least $200,000 per year with very little overhead.

Who is responsible for warranty work?

iWith Dvele’s support, warranty work will be the responsibility of the Regional Partner and their local team of trades.

Who pays for warranty issues?

iThe actual cost of warranty work will be covered by Dvele, so long as the issue was not due to install or site work done by the Partner. Either way, Dvele will pay the cost and administer any issues with the client.

How much volume will I be responsible for each year?

iDvele’s business model is structured for scale. To start, our Partners need to be able to handle several projects per year. The maximum number of projects available to Partners per year will depend on the location and the capacity of the Partner. We will not limit the growth of a Partner that is capable of doing more.

Learn More About dvele

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Our Ideal Partner

Our Ideal Partner:Dvele is very selective about the partners we choose. We find that the best building partners are those that are already:

  • Already comfortable attracting and working with high-end clients
  • Passionate about green, efficient building
  • Looking to join a larger, like-minded team that can help streamline the homebuilding process

Business Development Team

Our team has been helping people build their dream homes for over a decade. We understand the unique and specific needs of those who want high-design, have a passion for technology, and expect the best in and from their homes.

If you’re ready to learn more and speak with someone about partnering with Dvele, please click the link below.

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