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Luxury Prefab Home Floor Plans

Unique Modular/Manufactured Houses

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Luxury Modular Home Floor Plans

High End Prefab Home Floor Plans

Examples of the Dvele luxury prefab home plans, with detailed floor plans of our current luxury prefabricated homes being produced.

A beautiful, safe, sustainable home is

the best investment you'll ever make.

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Why Chooses Dvele

Examples of the Dvele Luxury prefab home plans, with detailed floor plans of our current Luxury prefabricated homes being produced.

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Our Most Popular Home Models
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The team at Dvele has consistently built prefab homes to the highest possible quality. A home is one of the largest investments you'll ever make. Pick the right team to realize your vision. Meet our team.


Our homes are built to Passive House standards and ensure that your home requires less energy to heat and cool, saving you money and saving our planet's resources. Learn more about our 1:1 program


Dvele homes are painstakingly considered. Your custom home will be perfect from the day you move-in. See our home options.