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Contemporary Prefab Home Prices

Unique Modular/Manufactured Houses

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Contemporary Modular Home Prices

Modern Prefab Home Prices

Learn more on what it costs to build a contemporary prefab home with Dvele. Our contemporary prefabricated homes prices vary based on many factors but you can use this information to help guide your design requirements.

A beautiful, safe, sustainable home is

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What's in a Dvele Home Price?
A custom Dvele can range in price per square foot.
The factors that go into the cost of your Dvele:
Site Work.

This is the preparatory phase of making your land ready for your modern home to be placed upon. This can range in price from very little, if your land is already level and prepared, to approximately 10% of the cost of your home.


The average square footage of the homes we build is around 2,500. Your home might be much larger or smaller, depending on your preferences.


We have many contemporary designs to choose from. Some models have design details that might increase or decrease the cost of your home, such as cantilevered roofing, balconies, verandas, and high ceilings. Your model choice will determine your cost.


Even with our gorgeous, predefined contemporary models, you can do a lot to make it feel completely yours. Upgrades, such as the materials you use in your home or the level of your luxury appliances, can vary the total home cost by up to 25%.

The Top 3 Places You'll Save
1. You'll save time.

Not just in designing your home and finding a team to help you bring your custom dream to'll save a lot of time in the actual build of your home too. You know that saying, "time is money?" Well, we know it well and by saving you time at each phase of the home building process, we help you save in other ways, too.

2. You'll save energy.

Our homes are built to Passive House standards. This means you will require less electricity to heat and cool your home and it will efficiently use the energy you pay for. Your actual electricity bill will be greatly reduced, but more importantly, so will your impact on the environment.

3. You'll save effort.

You won't have to worry about managing all the moving parts, people, and resources to build your custom home. We'll do it for you. You'll also never have to worry about maintaining your home alone.

With custom prefab building, your home will be exactly what you want it to be. We will help capture your vision with our Dvele App and experienced team of technologists, designers, and builders.